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​Technology Integration Specialist 

  • Lead and prepared professional developments to staff

  • Co-taught in classrooms modeling education technology tools

  • Co-planned with teachers on integrating technology into classrooms for best practices

  • Developed curriculum for grade levels on computer science standards

4th/5th Grade Educator

  • Taught in 4th/5th grade classrooms in both middle (4 years) and elementary school settings (9 years)

  • Participated in weekly PLC meetings with teams/vertical articulation

  • Subjects taught: social studies, reading, writing, math, science, reading interventions, math interventions, and artful learning

  • Created rigorous lesson plans in all content areas according to IDOE standards

Equity Champion

  • Attended monthly district meetings with other coaches and administration to discuss district initiatives

  • Planned monthly professional developments with the Zwest staff on how to have an equitable classroom for all learners

Humanities Department Chair

  • Attended monthly building meetings with other department chairs and administration

  • Wrote multiple grants for grade level to have a more inclusive and grade level appropriate library

  • Collaborated with others around the district/school to meet the needs of grade level (book room, schedules)

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